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Tudor Prisăcariu


As you might have noticed (or not) in the past days, the website has somewhat been udpated, with several things being tweaked, the most notable visible addition being a completely custom “touch friendly” image lightbox. I wasn’t very happy with any of the lightbox scripts out there, and I decided to write my own.

On the backend of things, after much effort I have finally managed to put all the WordPress knowledge that I have acquired in the past years to my personal use and rewrite all the code of my theme. The site is now powered by WRK, my fully custom WordPress theme. The theme is HTML5 powered, with all transitions being powered by CSS3. The image gallery sliders that I’ve been using for some time have also been completely rewritten and the lightbox is also part of theme. The site also works nicely on the iPad (with an iPhone/small mobile version in the works).

The plan is to actually release the theme to the public. I will also be using it as a starting point for a couple of other themes that I have been thinking of making for some time.

A major update to the content itself is now also in the works. Stay tuned.

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