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Tudor Prisăcariu

tudorprisacariu.com launched / entropy.ro updated

Tudor Prisăcariu / Entropy

A couple of years late and after months on end of sorting / selecting / editing thousands of photos, I’m very happy to announce that my photography / visual art portfolio is finally live at www.tudorprisacariu.com! There are still some general photography portfolios that I need to add, but my most important projects are already all there. Please update your links if you reference my photography work on your websites.

I’m also happy to announce that www.entropy.ro has been updated, all existing images have been updated with high resolution versions, a couple of never-before seen ones were added and the Map & Themes sections have also been revamped. In the coming period I will also add yearly sets of photos that I’ve taken in Bucharest over the past 4 years. This is all in preparation of a future continuation of the project which will hopefully begin next year.

I hope you enjoy the two sites, and don’t forget to also keep checking www.dtailed.com for updates on my digital / design work. The blog will also continue to be hosted here for now.

PS: All three sites now use WRK, my WordPress portfolio theme which will be released in the coming months.

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