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Tudor Prisăcariu

The Infamous Wasp

the wasp

Sunday morning I woke up hearing something buzz right next to my ear. After foolishly but involuntary trying to “kill the buzz” with my hand, I discovered that I had just been stung by a wasp somewhere very close to my ear. It hurt like hell for a couple of hours and I was lucky not to get any alergic reactions. Definitely not the best way to wake up on Sunday morning at 8 am.

The wasp in the photo is not the criminal, it’s a different one that I caught a couple of hours later.

ps: no animals were hurt in the making of the photo, the bee wasp was eventually set free :P

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ctopfer #

13 Sep 2008 • 08:25

nu era sarea buna :)). poate trebuia una mai scumpa :p

Tudor #

11 Sep 2008 • 23:25

am dat cu sare insa rezultatele nu au fost spectaculoase, tot m-a tinut durerea cateva ore.

ctopfer #

10 Sep 2008 • 17:33

data viitoare incearca niste sare pe intepatura. vei scapa de umflatura si partial de durere.

Ligia #

8 Sep 2008 • 17:28

beautiful photo :)

Moise #

6 Sep 2008 • 18:46

deci plm, daca ai avut intro zi contact cu doo albine/viespi (whtvr) in apartamentu’ tau, nu e destul de serioasa treaba? shldnt ya call sm ppl?

Mig #

5 Sep 2008 • 23:39

too bad about the sting from the previous criminal

Mig #

5 Sep 2008 • 23:39

perfect picture, mai maestre

miChou #

5 Sep 2008 • 21:44

uhm.. so was it a wasp or a bee? you contradict yourself: you captured a wasp, yet released a bee :P