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Tudor Prisăcariu



One of the first projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on at Sennep, Stickerswapping.com helps you manage, complete and swap your Panini World Cup 2010 stickers. Design and front-end build by me, development by Mr. Marco.

World Cup fever is ramping up and nostalgia for Panini sticker albums has kicked it. Here at Sennep we’re painstakingly filling in our sticker books as if we are 12 years old again. Judging by the corner shop selling out everyday we have a sneaking suspicion that there is an online community of big kids indulging this guilty pleasure.

If you are similarly afflicted this could be your lucky day. We have made a super easy way of managing your Panini World Cup 2010 sticker album. The website allows you to communicate with other collectors to trade your ‘doubles’. It’s also iPhone friendly and is location aware so you can feed your addiction and find other swappers whilst on the move.

It has all the features you’ll need: listing every player and sticker number, with the option to indicate those you have and others you want to swap.

All together now … “Got, got, neeeeeeeeed!”


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