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Tudor Prisăcariu

Stereotypes about Romania

These four images are the first in a series in which I want to expose some of the most common (wrong) stereotypes that foreigners have about Romania. The following four are more or less standard misconceptions that most Romanians, including myself, would have come across quite a few times.

Narnia, Middle-Earth, Transylvania

There’s no vampires in Transylvania. Also, there’s nothing creepy about it and people living there don’t have that funny accept you’ve heard in Hollywood films.

Ty govoriš po-russki

Romanians don’t speak Russian, Romanian is a Romance language. Our parents were forced to learn Russian during communism but this has stopped being the case since 1990. The text in the image says “Do you speak Russian?” (in Russian).


Roma people make up only 2.5% of Romania’s over 22 million people. A surprising number of people seem to think Romanians are the minority. Which is not to say that Roma are not Romanians.


Bucharest is Romania’s capital city, while Budapest is actually Hungary’s. This is something that many people get wrong.

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