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Tudor Prisăcariu

Second skin

I’m sure that everybody has a favorite set of clothes that they enjoy wearing more than any others. I’m not referring to a single item, as that would broaden the scope quite a bit, but to an entire outfit, or a second skin as I like to call it. I’ve had a couple in the past 10 years or so. The first one from the set probably dates to about 7-8 years ago, while the last one is from the present. Although I’ve come up with this idea a while back, dressing up and actually taking the photos was like traveling back in time and looking at six different selves. What’s also fascinating is that, although the “older” clothes take most of my storage space, I only seldom wear them. They generally lie around like skins that I have shed in favor of a new, “better” one. However, they all tell a story that’s linked to a very specific period of time or event in my life. It’s actually a shame that I wasn’t able to recreate at least 2-3 older outfits, as those clothes (if I still have them), lie somewhere in my house in Romania.

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