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Tudor Prisăcariu

Romanian Visual Survey 2009 has launched!

The second edition of Romanian Visual Survey gathers some of the best visual works produced in 2009 in Romania and by Romanian visual artists in general.

This year’s selection includes the work of 49 visual artists active in the field of photography, graphic design, illustration, painting and digital animation, among others.

Although it is representative of the Romanian visual universe, the selection is not exhaustive.


After over a month of continuous work, I have finally launched this year’s Romanian Visual Survey. There’s a lot of very good work on display so go take a look now! I’ve also managed to incorporate a lot of little tweaks which should hopefully enhance your browsing experience.

I would very much appreciate it if you could spread the word about the project. You can find Romanian and English press releases on the încotro homepage, together with some promotional images.

Image above © Mr. Psalmplasma

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