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Tudor Prisăcariu

Polar bear shot dead

Polar bear shot dead

A polar bear that swam more than 200 miles in near-freezing waters to reach Iceland was shot on arrival in case it posed a threat to humans.

The bear, thought to be the first to reach the country in at least 15 years, was killed after local police claimed it was a danger to humans, triggering an outcry from animal lovers. Police claimed it was not possible to sedate the bear.

More on The Guardian website + video

You stupid people …

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keith #

8 Jul 2009 • 01:10

that is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever heard. Every time I see that ad with the Polar bear leaving her child behind to swim to find food, I curse humanity. I am trying the best I can to focus and help our world. Sometimes I find it hard to love human beings because they are so horrible, but hating them just makes more hate. and love is the only hope we have.

Darian #

23 Feb 2009 • 18:36

That is so dumb!!! LOL…