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Tudor Prisăcariu

MacBook Pro Hard Drive Update

This was slightly more nerve consuming that I was expecting it to be (when I took the picture I was asking myself whether it will still turn on after I finish putting it back together), but my laptop now has a drive 4 times larger than in original. If you follow the guide on ifixit and also look at the comments on the site, its actually quite easy. Don’t forget, if you’re still under warranty this will definitely void it!

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Tiberiu #

13 Feb 2010 • 15:12

No it won’t definitely void your warranty, although it is a good point to consider before taking things to pieces.

All you have to do is keep the old drive (preferably with a clean OS X install) and when (not if) you need to send your laptop in for repair, swap it back in. This way they don’t get to go through your data either.