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Tudor Prisăcariu

Hi-Tech Debris

I was amazed when I discovered all these equipment abandoned behind my uni’s library. It;s true that they were old PC’s but I’m sure they could have given them away or at least dispose of them properly. When you think there so many people in the world without a PC.. But probably no one gives a ****. Btw, if you wanna go and pick something up, the post code is TW10 6JP (London, UK).








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robster #

18 Oct 2005 • 20:19

hey those were left there over the summer right? at least we got new flat screen ones :) sounds horrible, lol

Tonkpils #

2 Oct 2005 • 16:27

Ce poze cool Tudorica. Asta este primu’ ABATOR CIBERNETIC pe care-l vad in viata ea. Dar asta e viata, mie nu-mi merge netu’ vreo 2-3 saptamani iar astia arunca PC-urile ca pe niste bucati de carne.
Ps: am aruncat un ochi si pe pozele pe care nu le-am vazut. Normal…… foarte frumos. Mai vorbim

grafic » hi-tech debris #

2 Oct 2005 • 15:16

[…] tudore, nu te supara pe grafic pentru ca a mai preluat o poza de la tine, dar e prea tare ceea ce ai surprins :) copyright dtailed.com […]

grafic #

2 Oct 2005 • 15:09

ubercool man! i love your blog :)

johni1 #

1 Oct 2005 • 16:32

HAHA!! mad, where is it ?
i always find PC’s build um and sell them in the library
there quite a few PCs there

nice blog by the way (: