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Tudor Prisăcariu

Happy Crisis Holidays!

If you’re seeing this it means that my image hosting company has gone bust and, unfortunately, you won’t get to see the amazing card design that I had worked on hours on end. Anyway, thanks God for alt text!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2009!

Crăciun fericit și un 2009 cât mai bun!

Tudor :)

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Tudor #

31 Dec 2008 • 01:19

nu e azirc? :P

florin si oana #

26 Dec 2008 • 21:50

la multi ani :)
oana si florin

criza -> azric

Mistrecul #

26 Dec 2008 • 12:47

O felicitare perfecta pentru aceste vremuri imperfecte. Auguri!

Andrei Spirache #

26 Dec 2008 • 09:47

misto misto :)
la multi ani!

Seagull #

26 Dec 2008 • 07:50

Multumescu-ti. Sa fii iubit si pe creste (ca-n poze) mereu…Sa fie verde si sa fie dtailed. Sa fie ce vreti voi!!

Bogdan #

26 Dec 2008 • 01:19

F tare! Multumesc de urari