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I’ve been home for one week now. Last night, I was in a theatre watching Cinderella Man (which was a great movie btw), I realized that I am so used to movies ending I a bad/sad/tragic way that I could not believe that this one would have a happy ending. I was expecting something bad to happen, I couldn’t believe that nothing did. It’s the same thing in real life. News only talk about disasters, murders, accidents, etc. More and more people associate happiness with having money. I’ve heard some young people on the streat about how their professor told them that making money for your family’s happiness is what God wants you to do!? Personally I think that a lot of people could be happier than they are if only they’d stop for a moment and look inside of them.. I’m happy. Are you?

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Nadejde #

10 Nov 2005 • 00:33

Happy Happy!!! Why the fuck not??? Be Happy!! Stay cool. All is just great!!!

Stef #

7 Nov 2005 • 19:08

How would you define happiness? What you are saying is that anyone can find happiness within themselves if they know where to search for it. Do you really believe this? And don’t think of yourself as you have more than a million reasons to be happy. Your world is not crumbling down on you every step you make. You are probably living a stable life which can always offer you a glimmer of happiness. Imagine a homeless child turning 18 with no place to go and no one to turn to. Do you think he can be happier if he would only stop for a moment and look at the world inside of him? This is an extreme example but I know you get the point. The world is not a happy place. You know it, I know it and everybody else knows it. It’s just our ambition to be happy that keeps us alive. That’s why happiness is such a relative term. One might associate it with reading a book while another with having something to eat at the end of the day. They might be both happy yet we all know that being happy because you can place something to eat on the table (if you have one) is just an illusion of happiness. If that illusion disappears you can see the true nature of this world. I would recommend everyone to look inside themselves and determine whether their happiness is just a convenience and further eliminate it. Don’t build happiness around you. Let it find its way into your life … only then can you find a higher meaning of happiness. (And those that seek happiness through money … they will achieve stability but not happiness) And one last thought: happiness comes with sacrifice; it rarely comes on its own. Believe me!

PS: Te-am pupat. Au iesit bine pozele pe digital. Mersi inca o data. Si inca ceva … vrei sa ma vada Giuliana asa de urat :p ?

Moise #

29 Oct 2005 • 15:15

oh. and no, i’m not happy.

Moise #

29 Oct 2005 • 15:14

tud baby, if i were to ask you to name three movies that you saw in the last year that ended in bad/sad/tragic way, you couldn’t name ONE, let alone three.

anyways, keep up the good work. rspkt.

grafic #

29 Oct 2005 • 10:41

i love the shots

ripaishpe #

28 Oct 2005 • 20:36

no… and i also do not want to spoil yours :(

Daniel #

28 Oct 2005 • 15:59

A lot of the time, but not as often as I’d like.