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Tudor Prisăcariu



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Categories: Self
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Bogdan Popovici #

19 Feb 2006 • 08:23

great. This reminds me of the scene from American Beauty when Lester is at his office desk and you can see his reflection in the computer monitor – which has as a background some jail type of looking bars. he, like you, in this picture seemed to be trapped like a spider in his own web. keep it up

sabina #

18 Feb 2006 • 22:59

hei cool pic
vroiam sa iti spun ca sunt de acord cu ce ai scris pe feeder, si ca you are right in mai toate privintele :) si cred ca e e foarte aiurea ca nimeni nu spune lucrurile astea, si toata lumea se extaziaza in fata unor flyere care sunt colorate frumos, care poate au o poveste in spatele lor dar e mult prea greu sa o descifrezi.

matthew #

17 Feb 2006 • 23:34

this is a great self portriat, I like that it’s almost as if you are a memory in the photo, the nice warm tones contrasting against the cool background. Great work!