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Tudor Prisăcariu

ECB Annual Photography Award 2009 – Romania

I was chosen as one of the ten finalists of the annual photography award organized by the European Central Bank. This year’s competition focused on Romania and Romanian photographers, and I submitted a selection of images from Entropy. Many thanks to Radu Sigheti for nominating me as a participant in the first place. More details as they emerge, an official press release and/or website are yet to be released. An exbition of the finalists’ work will take place at the National Museum for Contemporary Art in Bucharest, most likely at the end of January 2010.

UPDATE: The list of winners has been released. Details here (Romanian language only). I’m quite happy to be in 4th place, 3rd wouldn’t have been bad either :p

UPDATE 2: The list has been unfortunately taken offline.

UPDATE 3: Here are the official results:

1. Nicu Ilfoveanu
2. Iosif Kiraly
3. Dragos Lumpan
4. Tudor Prisacariu
5. Bogdan Croitoru
6. Radu Ilea Constantin
7. Silviu Ghetie
8. Ioana Cirlig
9. Carmen Obreja
10. Egyed Ufo Zoltan

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