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Tudor Prisăcariu

dtailed is being redesigned (in progress) (updated)

I have started the process of slightly redesigning, improving and optimizing the site and its content. Occasional downtime will occur as I’m working on the site. More details when it’s done.

STAGE 1 (completed) – In this first step I finally managed to update the blog to a new format, something that I have been meaning to do for a long time. I think that the thumbnails/dates combination gives viewers a much better overview of the latest entries, makes the page look much neater and also reduced load time considerably. I have added thumbnails for almost all the entries in 2009, and I will further try to add more thumbnails to even older entries. 2008 and earlier archives pages use the classic blog formatting.

STAGE 2 (completed) – The work section will also be converted to the same format as the blog (larger thumbnails).

STAGE 3 (completed) – I have added the same style of Javascript horizontal slider for image galleries that I have also used on www.incotro.org. You can see it in action here. there’s also the “light switch” for showing the images on a black background and hiding all the clutter.

STAGE 4 (in progress) – The blog footer needs to be updated to include some more archives information and the search box.

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