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Tudor Prisăcariu

dtailed has gone into the light

After over 3 years of darkness I decided last night to take the site for a walk in the sunshine. As a result, I have now migrated to a light color scheme. I also finally stilled all the comment forms properly. I will most likely continue to tweak the design over the next days/weeks/forever, as I’m never quite happy with it.

Any comments will be appreciated.

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1910 #

13 Aug 2008 • 21:51

si eu salut noul look.

Mig #

13 Aug 2008 • 20:05

Si mistretii saluta noul look verde-vernil

Vlad #

13 Aug 2008 • 00:30

Sunt inca in romanta vechiului look, dar nici asta nu ma sifoneaza.

E verde! N-are cum sa nu fie perfect. Cu sau fara…”light”.

Andrei #

12 Aug 2008 • 20:54

light is better

felipov #

12 Aug 2008 • 16:56

felipov saluta noul dtailed.