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Tudor Prisăcariu

but it’s almost free

5 pounds

This is the slightly dramatized version of a conversation I had 10 minutes ago. As you can see I didn’t fell for it, it sounded just too unbelievably good to be true and I really didn’t have any use for it. I’m already on a contract and they were giving me the same phone that I already had, plus that I was supposed to give them my credit card number, which I’m still skeptic of doing over the phone. But that’s not the point. These people wanted to make me part of their network no matter what. There might actually be a chance I would have gotten it for free if I actually managed to convince the guy. But even if I did, it would have still been good business for them. Somewhere and somehow along the way everybody involved still made money out of it, they just needed me to go full circle. Or maybe they were not for real, in which case my argument is worthless, but i still made the right choice :p

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