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Tudor Prisăcariu


Snow in London

After what was (if I’m right) the first month with no posts since I started this blog back in may 2005, I am finally back in business. I’ve been very busy at work in the past few weeks working on a presentation for Standard Chartered. More on this in the next 1-2 weeks. I’ve also been slowly working on încotro, and I hope to have something ready by the end of the month, or if not most definitely at the beginning of March. I’ve also unfortunately been sick again, I just can’t get rid of this bloody cold. There’s some exciting news though: in 2 day’s time, after over 10 months, I’ll be moving out of the orange room, to a new flat in Shoreditch, together with my friend Bogdan. Ame will also be joining us in June, after she’s done with her exams. I’m definitely looking forward to the change. Images to come after we move. To wrap up, a very fresh London update: it’s finally snowing again (as you can see from the image above) and this time it seems like it’s the real deal, it’s been going on for a couple of hours now. It’s very happy to see this much snow here but I’m a bit terrified about the trip to work in a few hours’ time :) See you soon everybody! Salut :)

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